Behind The Scenes: Lumiere Tintypes and Bell & Bird

    We wanted to share a few behind the scenes photographs from our recent photo shoot with Lumiere Tintype. If you're not familiar with Lumiere Tintype, they are a local team that creates photographs using 19th century methods. It's a timely process but every image ends up stunning and ethereal .  

A description of the process from Lumiere Tintype:

     "A metal plate is coated with collodion; a solution of guncotton, ether and alcohol. This forms a 'skin' over the plate, which is then sensitized to light by immersing it in a solution of silver nitrate.
   After coating and sensitizing, the plate is loaded into the camera, and the exposure is made. We light the subject with short exposures of high intensity strobes, or longer exposures of daylight or CFL bulbs. Each image is completely unique, we are capturing the light and shadows as they hit the plate. There can be no adjustments, cropping, or enlargements once the plate is exposed.
  The next step is to develop the plate in the darkroom. A ferrous sulphate solution is poured gently over the plate until the image appears. The plate is then fixed with a standard photographic fixative, which washes away the remaining silver particles and reveals our finished photograph.
  After drying, the plate is heated over an alcohol lamp and coated with a warm varnish of gum sandarac, alcohol and lavender oil. This final step gives the plate an archival quality finish and a wonderful aroma of lavender. "

   We had a wonderful pleasure of photographing in the North Flats-Howson House, a 19th century Victorian home located in the downtown Austin neighborhood of Bremond Block Historic District. 


Rhianna scouting North Flats-Howson House 

The house was built against a former Quarry Wall 

Antique dress table

Adam Wallacavage Octopus Chandelier  


The full tour

Model: Lauren Kirby / Clothes: By George / Jewelry: Bell & Bird

Custom Bell & Bird Diamond Rings and Humming Bird Brooch

Developing the tintype


More images to come.......

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