Explore: Finger Rings

No other category compares to rings for their symbolism and significance. For over 4000 years, rings have conveyed messages. A ring can represent a promise of eternal love, a mark of power or perhaps a token of remembrance. The rings pictured here are all at least a century old. They have survived wars, endured heartache and found true love. They have adorned the fingers of wives and lived in the jewelry boxes of nobles. Wear them today stacked on multiple fingers just as they were worn three centuries past.

*all photos by Ryan Goodrich

Carved Ivory Miniature Ship Ring Circa 1760-1780
Remembrance Rings Circa 1760-1830
French Rock Crystal Ring, Circa 1700
French Micro Painting, Circa 1790
English Garnet & Beryl Crowned Twin Heart
Rare Lover's Eye Ring, Circa 1800

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