Notes from the hunt: Antwerp & Brussels

Our last trip was a fruitful circuit of England ~ Belgium ~ England.
Let's focus a bit on Belgium as it was our first exploration here.  We felt so welcome in this tiny country that shares so much aesthetically with its French neighbors to the South and so much culturlally with the Dutch to the North.
Amidst delicious frites and amazing boutique shopping were the jewels... There was not an abundance but what we did find was rare and exquisite.
We will definitely find ourselves hunting this territory again and hopefully soon.

Antwerp Antique Market


Arrival at Antwerpen-Centraal


Frites and Beer are somehow better than anywhere else in the world.


The markets in Antwerp reminded us of Saint Ouen in Paris



 one thing Belgium and England have in common is RAIN


I could furnish our entire home in one trip. 

Dries von Noten comes from Antwerp and many other others like Martin Margiella, Ann Demeulemeester...



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