Notes from the Hunt: TEFAF - Maastricht Netherlands

Every March for the past 25 years, 250 of the world’s best dealers have come together in Maastricht, Netherlands.  Over 30,000 top quality works of art, spanning 6000 years are on display.   We arrived on Monday after spending the weekend exploring and buying in London. Shopping is a sport in which we excel, however the TEFAF exists on a level entirely its own.  The vetting committee consists of 176 experts in 26 different categories of expertise.  Representatives from the world’s museums both large and small are roaming these halls right alongside us.
It was with great anticipation as we rode from the hotel in a spanking new BMW 6-Series, the official and free shuttle to the fair. One could be found in just about any of Maastricht’s medieval squares.
It is difficult to put into words the experience inside the walls of the TEFAF and sadly photography was strictly limited to the press.  The thrill of collecting was palpable. The hum of conversations focused on art and historic objects reverberated through the hallways.  With every step you were greeted with the aroma of thousands upon thousands of beautifully arranged flowers. There must have been expressions of sheer pleasure on our faces as we marveled at the magnificent pieces on display.
HUGE installation by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos & the flowers...
Each dealer’s booth was like individual, small-scale museum exhibitions.  Some displayed old master’s work with a chic and modern approach while others displayed their objects in a formal and serious manner. There were several displays created by transporting and reassembling entire 18th or 19th century rooms in their prescribed space.
Enjoy the shots we were able to capture at the TEFAF and around the charming old city of Maastricht.  You can visit the TEFAF website for fantastic coverage of the event, including lots of onsite videos.
 Just steps from our Hotel off the Onze Lieve Vrouweplein Square
 Maastricht is divided in two by the Meuse River (Maas in Dutch)
 Saint Servatius Basilica in Vrijthof Square

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