Explore: Victorian Era Mouse Jewels

"Eccentric Jewellery" 

An excerpt from The Queen, The Lady's Paper, from July of 1880, as pictured in Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria, pg. 223. 
"Eccentric jewellery, to serve the caprice of the day, has run though many phases and shapes of late. Chinese and Japanese designs, beetles, butterflies and spiders have all had their turn, and snake bangles mush have been sold by tens of thousands. But the newest thing in this line is the mouse jewelry, brought out in registered designs by Messrs Thornhill and Co. of New Bond-street. However disagreeable a live mouse may be running about one's room, in itself it is a gracefully shaped little animal, which may well form part of an eccentric ornament, especially if skillfully modelled and arranged. Whether the substitution of little pigs in the place of mice, which Messrs Thornhill likewise intend to introduce and which are now the fashion in Paris, will turn out equally satisfactory form an artistic point of view, remains to be seen."

The Brooch is currently available in our shop and the bangle can be seen in our archives. 

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