Heritage Ring

Heritage Ring

The Heritage Ring Collection was inspired by Georgian and Victorian mourning Rings. All throughout the 18th and early 19th centuries wearing a mourning ring was as a common as wearing a wedding band. It is a tradition that has long fell out of favor, we felt it deserved a revival but for occasions that are more celebratory in nature.

Our intention is for them to be worn stacked marking life's milestones. We have since made them for wedding, anniversaries, graduation, births of children and grand-childern as well as remembrance of a loved one.

The rings are hand crafted in 18k gold and true vitreous enamel. We use CAD design to lay out the lettering and the rest of the process is done entirely in our Austin, Texas workshop. We have designs with and without gemstones.

We offer three different ring band styles and five different enamel colors.

$1750 is the price of a plain band. Pricing on Heritage rings with stones start at $2750, email for details and options.

If you purchase a plain band here, you will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm custom details.