Mid 19th Century Boxed Piqué Parure

Mid 19th Century Boxed Piqué Parure

19th Century Victorian Tortoise Pique Set. The parure includes, earrings, hair comb, brooch and a rare bangle bracelet. All cased in the original fitted box. Circa 1860-70 

Hundreds of tiny gold starts are inlayed into the tortoise shell. A very desirable and wearable set. 

Good condition with no cracks or repairs. 

Developed in France, Piqué work became popular in the in the last half of the 19th century. The tortoise shell was hand carved and inlayed with gold. In Victorian England tortoise jewels were considered appropriate for women to wear in their latter stages of mourning.  Tortoise and Pique jewels were also popular as a part of the naturalism movement of the 1860's and 1870's. 

Found in Paris. 

Earrings: Length 2.6 in

Bracelet: 1 in wide, Circumference: 6.4 in