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Victorian Naturalistic Diamond Earrings

Wonderful large diamond earrings done in the naturalistic style of the 19th century. Circa 1850/60.

In the 1850s the delicate designs of earlier in the century had given way to more extravagant compositions of flowers and foliage. Also keep in mind the 'language of flowers' spelt out special messages. In this case: Forget-me-not for 'love' Lilly of the Valley for 'return to happiness' and Cosmos for 'joy in love and life'.  A lovely elaborate sentiment possibly made as a bridal gift in the 1850's. 

In silver & gold with rose cut and mine cut diamonds. See a wonderful example of a Naturalistic jewelry at the Victoria & Albert Museum, with more detail on the movement. Newer replacement 18k gold ear wires. 3.25" drop.