Odontolite is a very rare stone, formed over millions of years. It is formed when fossilized bone or teeth are buried in the earth in the presence of heat and copper fluid. With the exact right conditions it is naturally transformed into a turquoise color. In past centuries, Odontolite was used as an alternative to turquoise. ⁠


See image of Antique Brooches “Figure 1. These six brooches are set with 313 light blue stones, the majority of which proved to be fossilized dentine (odontolite), mixed with a few turquoise and glass cabochons.” Photo by Luc Phan, Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF for the Gems and Gemology Magazine.⁠

Jane Austen's ring, now on display at The Jane Austen House Museum. This modest Georgian Era ring is made of odontolite not turquoise. The ring was kept by Jane's sister, Cassandra, before it was continually passed down through the Austen family. The ring was put up for auction in 2012 and purchased by the American singer Kelly Clarkson for $250,000. However the UK government banned the export of the ring due to its historical significance. The Jane Austen House was able to raise enough funds to purchase the ring and it now has a permanent home at the museum.⁠

We have sold several antique Odontolite rings to private collectors. We currently have one available. It's a late 17th Century Western European ring with a rare odontolite stone. Original black enamel details set in a high carat gold setting. 

May 27, 2020 — Sarah Murphy