Modern Design Informed by Antique Jewels

Every day, we have the unique perspective of handling 100-year-old jewels while designing and producing our contemporary pieces. Everything we do has longevity in mind. Rather than working on computer screens and utilizing the automated processes standard in commercial production, we use classical fabrication techniques. Our craftspeople work at human speed, turning raw materials into beautiful objects.

Here, you will find items currently available for purchase and information on special orders and commissions.


No other category of jewel compares to rings for their symbolism and significance. A ring can represent a promise of eternal love or a simple token of remembrance. We make rings and bands for engagement, marking celebrations, and building your own collection. Many rings are ready for immediate purchase and available for special order.

Available Jewelry

Many of our designs are available to special order. We are able to customize details such as stone size and metal color. Reach out for a specific request.

Hobnail Collection

Many years ago, while walking in London, we encountered a Victorian-era landscape chain that inspired the details of our signature design.


These designs are inspired by a labor-intensive setting technique common in 18th and 19th centuries. The silver-on-gold technique is true to the rings that inspired this design and is rarely seen in modern jewelry.