Special Projects

Our work is primarily one-of-a-kind, allowing us to focus on select limited collection releases each year. Rather than following seasonal schedules, our pieces are released when they are deemed ready. 

With a commitment to rare craft and materials, we provide our clients with enduringly beautiful objects.

Pomegranate Ring

Revered for its beauty and profound symbolism. the pomegranate has been featured in architecture and decorative arts for centuries.

10.50 carat Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

A significant diamond recently arrived into the workshop. Our jewelers created a simple ring that allows the stone to do all the talking.

Ruby and Diamond Ring

Diamond Eternity Band

Diamond Horseshoe Bracelet

Domed Eternity Band

Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring

Ouroboros Bracelet

Georgian Inspired Diamond Ring

Diamond Poissarde Earrings

Duchess Inspired Diamond Ring