Bell & Bird Heavy High-Karat Gold Band

Our handmade oversized high-karat wide gold band is great for stacking or wearing by itself. We use our own custom blend of rich 22k recycled gold and hand forge this ring in our workshop.  The bold D shape of this band is inspired by antique rings we have encountered in the past. The dense high-karat gold is heavy in hand, giving a strong and significant feel. 

The density of pure gold is surprising. For thousands of years, humans have been drawn to gold, it's magnetism is clear when you hold it in its pure form.  Our pieces forged in 22k have warmth and appeal that is hard to put into words.  This rich color looks at home with antique and modern rings and will develop a beautiful softness with age.  We are happy to arrange shipping you a sample so you can feel it for yourself.

3-8 weeks for production.

 Please mail to discuss order details.