Bell & Bird Signature Miniature Cutaway Old European Cut Diamond Eternity Band

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This Handmade diamond eternity ring is a miniature version of our signature cutaway collection. It also features the laborious technique of ajouré. This roughly translates to 'letting the light in.' Traditionally seen in Art Deco era jewels it is rarely seen in contemporary pieces because of the skill and time required. Our jewelers hand pierce the back of each setting, allowing light to pass through and creating a beautiful pattern on the interior of your band. Tiny old European cut diamonds are set in 18k "old" gold. 2.6mm wide. A size 6 has approximately 1.12 carats, F/CVS. 2.6 mm in width. Each ring is manufactured specifically for you in our workshop.

The ring can be made in our signature 'old' gold or our 18k yellow gold. The 'old gold' is our custom blended rose gold. The color is unique to Bell and Bird and inspired by rings from the late 19th century. It looks great with antique rings as it has a darker tone than commercially available pink gold. 

About our diamonds: The diamonds in these bands are specially sourced for us. Our diamond cutters cut the stones in the style of antique old European cut diamonds from the early 20th century.  

Currently In Stock in a Size 6.5

Starting at $5250, the price adjusts upwards in size 7+.

Made to order. 4-8 weeks for production. 

Please mail to discuss order details.