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This design is inspired by French 18th century poissarde earrings, which are elongated oval hoop earrings. This style was associated with the fishermen's wives of Paris, who also played a significant role during the French Revolution.


Our modern interpretation contains approximately 4.50 carats of antique marquise cut diamonds. The stones are set horizontally, following the arch of a curve. Entirely hand fabricated, the stones are set in 18k gold in our signature cutaway settings. The hinged backs are carefully engineered to counterbalance the weight of the diamonds and hang perfectly.


Handmade in our Texas workshop, this ring is in our custom blend of 18K rose gold. A more subdued, darker tone than commercially available rose gold. We call this color "old gold" and created the alloy in the spirit of the many 19th century rings we have handled.



The earrings measure .75" in drop length.



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Reference image:“A pair of poissarde earrings set with citrines dating to the early 19th Century” EARRINGS from Antiquity to the Present , by Daniela Mascetti and Amanda Triossi


Reference image: Poissardes Earrings, French Jewelry of the Nineteenth Century, by Henri Vever.



Georgian table cut diamond poissard earrings from our archive. The table cut diamonds were set in a silver topped gold foiled back settings. Typical back to front earrings fittings of the poissard. Circa 1800. SOLD

Georgian poissarde earrings with rose cut diamonds from our archives. The rose cut diamonds were set in silver and gold settings. Typical back to front ear fittings of the poissarde style and wig loop. European in origin, circa 1820. SOLD