We are jewelers. Our in-house team members use traditional craftsmanship to create modern designs referencing earlier periods. We draw inspiration from the antiques we handle. Often hundreds of years old, they have enduring value and perfectly represent how future generations will treasure our designs.



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Many key elements separate our work from commonly manufactured jewelry. We create our gold alloys in house, lending a unique coloring and composition unlike the commercially available gold. Our natural stones are carefully and individually sourced, selected for their uniqueness and quality. Using these materials we are able to produce one of a kind pieces with the same characteristics and quality of pieces made a century ago.



Each piece of jewelry is made one at a time with hand fabrication techniques. We never use CAD renderings or waxes to replicate a design. This style of manufacturing has been all but abandoned in favor of mass production techniques, allowing for higher volume but results in lower quality. Our work will be treasured and passed down for generations to come.






Antique & Old-Cut Diamonds


"Old stones and old cuts have a much softer sparkle than modern stones. It is this romantic play of light that draws us to them, and people come to us for them. Old stones were cut for dispersion of light. Because you are seeing spectral colors, you are not getting a white interface like with a modern stone. They have a more subtle sparkle. Not less, just different." - Cyrus Shennum




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From Inspiration to Design


This collection directly references the antiques from which they were inspired. These rings feature setting styles and construction techniques developed in the nineteenth century and earlier. Silver topped gold and cutdown settings are updated with modern construction methods and design choices for a unique blend of old and new.

This collection emulates the simplicity and quality of rings made in the first part of the 20th century while instilling contemporary touches. These rings will be as desirable in 100 years as their predecessors were 100 years ago.

Our updated approach on Art Deco borrows the sleek geometry of that era, updated with black enamel, onyx, and our signature blend of gold. We emphasize clean lines using period-inspired square step-cut and baguette diamonds.  


Inspired by heavy gold signets and bands from the late 19th century, our rings are cold forged in 18-karat and 22-karat gold. Dense and rich in color, the finish softens with wear and quickly develops into your very own well-worn treasure.