Bell & Bird Sapphire Ring with Black Enamel

Inspired by Victorian-Era black jewelry, we designed this unique ring with enamel details. Tab prongs hold the natural sapphire stone flanked by black enamel. Traditional vitreous enamel is meticulously applied to the sides and shoulders of the ring, a painstaking process.

This ring features a cushion cut sapphire of 4.05 carats, AGL certified to be of Ceylon origin with no heat treatment.  It is handcrafted in our 18k old gold. The sapphire has a very unusual silky appearance in the daylight.  This phenomenon occurs in stones with fine particles of rutile spread throughout, diffusing the light throughout the sapphire, giving the stone this unusual velvety appearance. 

AGL Certificated number: 1129973 

This ring is available in a Size 6. Reach out to discuss sizing options.  

Rings with enamel bands must be worn with some care as enamel is similarly hard to Quartz stones and will show wear over the years.

Handmade in our Texas workshop, this ring is in our custom blend of 18K rose gold. A more subdued, darker tone than commercially available rose gold. We call this color "old gold" and created the alloy in the spirit of the many 19th century rings we have handled.