18th Century Iberian Topaz Demi Parure

Iberian diamond girandole earrings & pendant set demi parure with tooled fitted case. Diamonds of girandole design set in silver. Later brooch fittings to the central stomacher. Circa 1760. 

The present example is a rare survival of a classic design in Iberian and Portuguese jewelry. The demi-parure is housed in its original hand-tooled fitted leather case. The set is comprised of a central girandole stomacher pendant, flanked by matching girandole earrings. Each piece is set with vibrant rose-cut diamonds, closed set, and foil backed in silver. A later added brooch fitting on the central stomacher. Girandole earrings are in their original form. Circa 1760.

For a similar example, see Five Centuries of Jewelry (p 80). Portuguese, second half of the 18th century.