Bell & Bird Old Mine Cut Diamond Coiled Snake Ring

This ring was inspired by Victorian snake rings that were made to represent internal love. A central antique old mine cut diamond is set in the head along with two round cut diamonds for the eyes. The antique pear shaped diamond weighs 0.30 carats with an approximate I color and vs clarity. 

The form of the ring is entirely hand fabricated  (not cast) and no two will be exactly alike. 

Old mine cut diamonds were cut for gas and candle light and omit a darker romantic sparkle. While the precision faceting of modern stone’s main objective is to refract as much white light as possible.  A 19th century diamond was cut to preserve as much weight as possible and often follow the same shape as the rough diamond crystal as it was pulled from the ground.

 Hand fabricated in our Texas workshop, this ring is in our custom blend of 18K rose gold. A more subdued, darker tone than commercially available rose gold. We call this color "old gold" and created the alloy in the spirit of the many 19th century rings we have handled.