Domed Diamond Eternity Band

Inspired by Georgian-era jewels, this high-dome eternity band was designed with modern proportions. Most meaningful things take great time and effort to produce, and this ring took hundreds of hours to produce. It features hundreds of antique old mine-cut diamonds, each a different size and shape. Our jewelers set each stone using a centuries-old silver-on-gold technique.

Meticulously created in our workshop over many months, a hand-drawn stone map was created as the stones were slowly chosen for the ring. Each stone's individual measurements were carefully recorded as the mosaic came together. Techniques like these have been lost in the name of speed and mass production at the cost of quality and beauty.

Domed Diamond Eternity Band


A recent special project of ours is a modern domed eternity band set with hundreds of antique old mine-cut diamonds. Each stone is a different size and shape. The silver-on-gold technique is true to the rings that inspired this design and is rarely seen in modern jewelry. Inspired by Georgian-era jewels, we pavé set each stone in silver on gold.

One of a Kind - Private Collection

Hand fabricated in our Texas workshop, tThis ring is in our custom blend of 18K rose gold. A more subdued, darker tone than commercially available rose gold. We call this color "old gold" and created the alloy in the spirit of the many 19th century rings we have handled. The silver has been darkened with an oxidation technique.