Georgian Era Three Stone Diamond Ring

18th Century old mine cut diamond ring. Typical for the time period, the stones are set in beautifully detailed cut down settings done in silver.  The remainder of the ring is in gold.  The beautiful reeded back and shoulders show all original details with some light wear but fully intact. The diamonds are closed set with well preserved foiling. English in origin. Circa 1780. 

Only hand fabrication can achieve the wonderful level of detail exhibited on this 220+ year old ring. 

Old mine cut diamonds were cut for gas and candle light and omit a darker romantic sparkle. While the precision faceting of modern stone’s main objective is to refract as much white light as possible.  A 19th century diamond was cut to preserve as much weight as possible and often follow the same shape as the rough diamond crystal as it was pulled from the ground.

Size 6.25, can be resized.

Rings of this age or construction are not recommended for engagement rings and should be worn with appropriate care for a fine antique object.