Lover's Eye Ring

Very rare early19th-century lover's eye ring.  Acquired from a private collection. This ring, in gold with black enamel, is literally a textbook example in excellent condition. This ring is featured on page 164, of the book “Georgian Jewelry” by Ginny Reddington Dawes and Olivia Collings . If you collect these types of sentimental objects, you know the story and the rarity of this ring. If you are unfamiliar, we recommend the recent publication By “The Look of Love” published by the Birmingham Museum
of Art.

Popular at the turn of the 18th century, eyes were painted of one's loved one to show one's love or in this case, the mourning of one dear. This particular mourning ring shows a blue eye surrounded by clouds and the ring is decorated with black enamel.

 English in Origin. Circa 1820.

Size 5.75, cannot be resized.