Mid 19th Century Cut Steel Floral Necklace

Victorian Era cut steel necklace in floral and foliage motifs. Center three-dimensional center daisy with laurel branch sections in descending size and a matching push button clasp. It is difficult for the camera to capture the dark sparkle this necklace gives. Circa 1850. English in Origin.

Measuring a generous 17".  

Cut steel is an unlikely but effective diamond imitation, with a dark sparkle like that of rose cut diamonds. It is said, materials for the earliest examples were obtained from discarded horseshoe nails. Each point of sparkle is a faceted stud of steel individually riveted to a metal base to form wonderful shapes. Pieces that survive today command a lot of attention, especially considering their humble beginnings. Fine cut-steel jewelry emits an ethereal glimmer when worn in low light, just as it was intended to been worn 160+ years ago by glimmering candles.