Rare Berlin Iron Earrings

Rare Berlin Iron earrings. Day and night style.  Elongated pendeloque shape with day and night style tops. Back to front ear wires are done in the 'day and night' style that allows the drop to be removed and the simple tops worn on their own.

The popularity of iron and steel jewelry is considered a result of wartime political and social climates. Although its unique style had an enduring appeal and was worn as mourning jewelry well into the 19th century.

Cast Iron jewelry was developed in Germany in 1806 it became the symbol of Prussian patriotism and resistance to Napoleon I in the Prussian War of Liberation fought from 1813-15. Women donated gold jewelry to their country in exchange for iron inscribed ‘I gave gold for iron’.

The jewelry gained an international profile. Demand peaked in the 1830s, when Berlin alone had 27 foundries and manufacture spread to France and Austria.

Measure 3.5" in drop length and .75" in width. Light weight and delicate.