Bell & Bird Signature Cutaway Band in Silver Topped Gold with Gold European Cut Diamonds

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One of our signature designs. Each ring features a unique collection of slightly graduated antique diamonds. Collecting a suite of stones in matched size, color, and clarity often takes months. This ring features sixteen turn-of-the-century, old European cut diamonds, approximately 4.41 carats in total diamond weight The diamond grades range from approximately H-J color and VS-SI clarity.

This design is inspired by a labor-intensive setting technique common in 18th and 19th century rings. The silver-on-gold technique is true to the rings that inspired this design and is rarely seen in modern jewelry. 

In Stock in a Size 6.25

Please reach out to discuss special ordering this design. Similar rings can also be made in our signature 'old' gold or our 18k yellow gold. The 'old gold' is our custom blended rose gold. The color is unique to Bell and Bird and inspired by rings from the late 19th century. It looks great with antique rings as it has a darker tone than commercially available pink gold. 

Please mail to discuss order details.