Silesian Iron Bracelet

Beautifully preserved Silesian wire work bangle. There is a steel core to this piece that acts as a stiff bangle. There is a clever clasp mechanism hidden behind the central decoration. Small size. 
Silesian Iron wire work dates to the late 1700’s. It is thought the latest pieces were completed by 1805 when production of ironwork moved to Berlin and evolved in style. The stark gray wire is finely woven like lace and is light as air.
It is said pieces were made in Gleiwitz, Silesia (now part of Germany and Poland) although similar work is said to have originated in France as early as 1789, spurred by the French Revolution. The popularity of iron and steel jewelry is considered a result of wartime political and social climates. Although its unique style had an enduring appeal and was worn as mourning jewelry well into the 19th century.