Matched Set of Victorian Gold & Enamel Bangles

Wonderful & rare matched set of Victorian era gold bangles. Circa 1860/80.  Beautifully intricate taille d'epargné enamel details on both sides.    Floral symbolism makes for a perfect sentiment for a set of wedding bracelets. Bangles such as these were typically separated amongst daughters in later generations it is rare for a pair to remain together for so many years.

The bracelet was a favorite accessory of a finely appointed Victorian woman and it is said they would wear them stacked from wrist to elbow! When sets such as these are found still together, they are often referred to as 'wedding bracelets'.  As we have learned the tradition, the bracelets would begin as an engagement gift and worn upon the bride's wedding day. One of the sides on this pair has floral details depicting a Morning Glory and Lily-of-the-valley flowers. In the Victorian language of flowers these were symbols of affection and a return to happiness. 14k rosy gold.
Inner circumference of each bracelet measures approximately 5.75". Push-tab closure with security chain on each.