Bell & Bird Serpent Scale Diamond Band

Our serpent scale band is a unique creation inspired by Victorian-era snake jewels and a subtle nod to the sentiment of eternal love. The band was first hand carved in the distinct form of scales before 110 single-cut diamonds were individually handset. The interior of the band has been hand-pierced (ajouré) in tear-dropped shapes, allowing more light to reach the stones and can represent tears of joy or loss. 

Approximately 1.20 carats in total diamond weight in a size 7. Diamonds are of F+ color and VVS-VS in clarity. Seen in our 18k "old" gold. 

In Stock in a Size 7.

3-8 weeks for production if an alternative size is needed. Pricing from $10250,  7+ increases in price, depending on the number of stones required. Email us for a quote. 

Please mail to discuss order details.

Each ring is manufactured specifically for you in our workshop. The ring can be made in our signature 'old' gold or our 18k yellow gold. The 'old gold' is our custom blended rose gold. The color is unique to Bell and Bird and inspired by rings from the late 19th century. It looks great with antique rings as it has a darker tone than commercially available pink gold. 

About our single-cut diamonds: We have our single-cut diamonds cut especially for us. We partner with a 90-year-old Belgian company whose process is entirely vertical, from sourcing to polish. Nothing is outsourced, and all stones come from responsible, documented origins. All stones are inspected in Antwerp before making their way to us. The single cut differs from a modern full cut in that it has 17 facets vs. a full cut's 57 facets.  A single-cut stone emits a more elegant quality of sparkle that is clearer and crisp. Stones like these were originally cut in the early 1900s and can be seen in the antique pieces we collect and sell.